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What are Executive Headhunters looking for this year?

The world changed completely with the arrival of the pandemic. Do you have the necessary skills to meet the demands of jobs this year?

Headhunters are looking for multidisciplinary people who help companies grow while growing themselves at the same time. The talent acquisition process is important to achieving goals, especially when the market is constantly changing.

Roldan’s Search is based on finding those executives who have a lot of potential to exploit. Those who have ideas that can revolutionize the market. The new trends in recruitment seek individuals with quality skills who can contribute, create and optimize processes, products, and services in each company.

The best headhunters in Mexico are clear about their main objective and are looking for a series of qualities in the candidates they interview.

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What are the talents needed for this year?

  1. Hybrid Work Capacity

Adaptation is one of the most important skills a person must have. The arrival of the pandemic showed that it is necessary to adapt to the circumstances and continue to fulfill the assigned tasks. Headhunters in Mexico are looking for professionals who can handle a hybrid of remote and on-site work. Those candidates who can demonstrate this, earn more points with headhunters since they have more to contribute to the company no matter where they are.

Companies are betting on labor flexibility to improve the mental and physical health of all their employees. Telecommuting helps this as they can share more time with their families and friends without giving up their work. Still, with the return to the office, employees need to be able to work from home as well as in offices.

  1. Organizational Culture

Companies have a defined identity that must be respected and be reflected in each of the projects that are undertaken. This may be difficult with remote work but it is still an aspect that must be taken care of. Roldan Search looks for candidates who can adapt to the company’s policies and, above all, to its culture.

At the beginning of the interview, they will ask you if you know the values ​​of the company and why you are interested in working there. This is to assess if you fit within the cultural profile they are looking for. A candidate who can uphold the culture of the organization is also capable of doing work that bears the company’s seal of quality.

  1. Candidate Experience

Headhunters in Mexico specialize in evaluating the talent of candidates. The way they do it is through the profile of the applicant who must meet a series of competencies to be considered for the position within the company. Headhunters are often successful in recruiting people through this method.

The candidates who apply must have experience. Although it is little, they must know what the job they are applying for is about. Here it also counts how developed their skills are in digital media, manuals, networking, negotiation, and leadership.

  1. Knowledge and Application of Technology

The best headhunters in Mexico are those that evaluate general skills such as those related to technology. Currently, most companies have modernized all their offices and have included new technological equipment that seeks to facilitate everyone’s work. For some people, this means unlearning initial processes to adapt to new ones.

The technology also helps to optimize the work so better results are obtained than before. In addition, a continuous improvement process is also maintained, this allows the company to grow more and more. Headhunters in Mexico are looking for candidates who can use new technologies and get their job done smarter and faster.

  1. Internal Mobility

Many sectors have been affected by the pandemic and all international affairs. This has led them to have to reinvent themselves and be able to implement internal mobility to fill job vacancies within the same company. Best headhunters in Mexico have resorted to the evaluation of internal talent to give them the opportunity of internal promotion and thus fill important positions with people who are trusted by the company since they have been working with them before.

For professionals who have career goals, this is a great growth opportunity since they can maintain their career within the same organization, but improve their status as an employee.

  1. Adaptation to Situations

Within organizations, some situations force everyone to change and adapt. The resilience and transformation capacity of competencies is something that the Best headhunters in Mexico are actively seeking. Normality usually leads to an overwhelming change in the skills required for a job, so you have to be constantly updating and renewing perspectives and skills. Constantly learning is a plus that headhunters in Mexico are highly appreciating.

Identifying current changes can lead to identifying new skills that need to be developed. Emerging trends help create new capabilities that make candidates the best choices for jobs. A good professional is constantly learning, making an effort, and creating new ways to achieve success.

One of the skills that must be constantly updated is digital skills.

What are Executive Headhunters looking for this year?

Priorities for Headhunters

The best headhunters in Mexico not only do interviews to fill a job. They are also in charge of finding talents that can contribute in the long term within the company and that the company can also collaborate with their training and personal growth.

Talent retention is one of the priorities of headhunters in 2022, this way they can create a continuity strategy for projects that always require the same line of leadership and creativity. The companies that manage to retain their talents are those with a good selection process and that manage good incentives for each professional. Annually they can improve benefits and also give you opportunities for growth within the same company.

2022 is a year that has been changing the rules of employment. Headhunters have focused on finding the new skills they can bring to companies and the achievement of their goals. A good corporate image together with good working conditions are the key so talents can stay within the organization.