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How to hire a Headhunter?

Roldan Executive Search Group ( is a trusted international executive search firm that provides high quality talent acquisition solutions for your organization. Are you looking to acquire new quality talent?. The best thing is that you do it with the Best Recruiters in Mexico.

Roldan Search is based on looking for executives and professionals who can become part of your company. They look for individuals to fill vacancies, replace positions, mergers, expansions and even professionals for the new areas in which they are currently going to venture.

Roldan Executive Search Group offers you a large number of talent acquisition services for manufacturing sites, corporate offices, R&D technology centers, shared service centers and commercial divisions in your specific geographic location. 

To hire a good headhunter, you must first focus on knowing in depth what you need. Only in this way will you be able to understand yourself with your recruiting company and you will be able to expand your human resources.

What is a headhunter?

Hiring a responsible professional guarantees success and a great advantage over the competition. The human resources department, within its thousands of tasks, must also be in charge of recruiting new personnel for the company. Even so, a new figure has emerged that has specialized in just “hunting talent” for organizations, which guarantees a higher success rate when including someone in the team.

A headhunter is a professional that specializes in finding suitable talents for the positions that are vacant or that need to be replaced. They are specialized in evaluating the profile of the candidates and also their potential within the area of ​​the company where they would be located. Headhunters look for unusual people who have special skills and who stand out from other candidates for that position.

Roldan Search specializes in supporting companies with headhunters that are experts in their fields, so they can optimally fill vacancies for their organizations. Jorge Roldan and his team of international headhunters recruit, attract high quality candidates on the principle of professional experience, track record of success, industry expertise, specific skills and culture fit to the organization as the recruitment method of his company.

The objective of headhunters is to find professionals who can contribute positively to the organization and who stand out in the market compared to the rest of the competition.

Hiring a headhunter requires a series of steps that will help you find the ideal one. Today, at Roldan Executive Search Group we will give you the necessary advice so you can find the one that best suits your search.

Steps to Hire a Headhunter

Steps to Hire a Headhunter

  1. Define your Objectives.

As a company, you must know exactly what you need. That means you should have goals and objectives based on the staff you expect to enter the workspace. To define this, it is advisable to talk to people who are already in that area and find out their needs.

Then, all that information must be merged with the objectives of the company and thus generate the recruitment plan that will be presented to the headhunter as a guide.

  1. Find a Headhunter

Normally, the Best recruiters in Mexico are found through recommendations. This is a fairly common way of reaching a good headhunter company since the previous work and the recommendations speak for themselves about the quality of the service.

Likewise, you can find headhunters through the internet on their web pages, on social networks, in city advertisements, and even the human resources department usually has its directory of talent search service providers.

  1. What to look for in a headhunter?

These types of professionals must meet a series of qualities that guarantee a good job once you hire them. They must be good observers since this way they will know the essence of the staff and understand their profile and the potential that they can exploit within the company. Good observation skills allow you to better assess all candidates.

One of the most important qualities of a headhunter is networking. To find a good professional, it is not enough to analyze the resumes that arrive at the company, they must know where to find new talent that can offer greater skills to the company and vice versa. A great network of contacts also speaks to the honesty and trust that they convey to those who have interacted with them.

The gift of active listening is also necessary. Everything that the candidate says must be listened to carefully since it is the main source of information to find out about the abilities they have. Executive Headhunters in Mexico make sure to meet all of these qualities.

  1. Start conversations

Now that you have located the Best recruiters in Mexico, it is time to meet with them. You can choose to meet in person (the most recommended way) and thus learn about their working method and present your initial plan. Both must be on the same page since this way they will be able to develop a good plan that allows them to find that talent that will promote areas within the company.

  1. Fees

The payment for the headhunter varies depending on the assigned professional. Normally, companies tend to handle specific rates that can increase depending on the number of services contracted. A factor that greatly influences the fees of headhunters is the experience they have.

All this, together with the network of contacts that it provides and the credibility that it projects, are quite important to define a sum of money. Normally, the executives are the ones who establish the salary base on the duration of the project, the capacity of the professionals involved, and the demands of all the experience.

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Benefits of Hiring a Headhunter

The moment you finish defining the contract with Roldan Executive Search Group ( for the search for talent, is when you begin to enjoy many benefits. The headhunters have extensive professional experience and strategic vision. The talent that they incorporate into your teams will provide many skills in the long term thanks to the fact that they meet a qualified profile for the task.

The best part of all is that the work teams for the company will be made up of qualified professionals who have previous experience with the tasks for which they have been hired. They are academically qualified and also represent a great growth of opportunity for your entire organization.

Headhunters focus on fulfilling different tasks that collaborate with the improvement of the companies where they provide their services. Hiring them is quite simple, especially if you have complied with all the advice that we have mentioned today.

Are you ready to work with a professional headhunter?