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Mexico: +52 (664) 454-5584

USA: +1 (619) 900-7900


Jorge Roldan, CPC, is the President, CEO and Founder of Roldan Executive Search Group. He founded the group to help global and domestic organizations attract top candidates in their fields, who bring immediate value and success to their operations in Mexico and Latin America. Jorge Roldan is a recognized authority in the executive search field with more than 25 years of experience in the USA, Mexico and Latin America markets. Expert in mastering with high precision all aspects of a talent attraction and acquisition process, he has managed a broad range of highly complex and challenging search assignments in every industry, sector and function.

Experienced in designing and executing creative recruitment strategies to help multinational companies cope with their recruitment needs in Mexico and Latin America. Jorge has managed and completed over 750 key leadership search assignments successfully in North America, Mexico and LATAM for global and domestic organizations.

Jorge is bicultural and fluent in both English and Spanish, and is a Certified Personnel Consultant by the National Association of Personnel Services. 

His vision, creativity and expertise in the executive search field, as well as his professionalism and impeccable track record of success, has awarded him the trust of world class organizations  and top executives around the globe.

Mexico: +52 (664) 454-5584
USA: +1 (619) 630-3690


Ricardo Lopez, CPC, is Vice President and Co-Founder of Roldan Executive Search Group. He is an experienced Executive Search Professional with a broad experience in the recruitment of top executives and professionals for different industries, sectors and functions. He started his professional recruitment career in 2001 and built a successful technical search practice that serves domestic and global organizations with operations in the USA, Mexico and Latin America.

Recognized in his field as an expert in the technical search market and its trends; also very involved in the community, by providing seminars on innovative recruitment techniques to HR professionals and to Talent Acquisitions Managers in diverse specialized associations. His professionalism and ethical approach, has gained him the trust of his clients and candidates.

Ricardo is an advocate for inclusion and is very passionate about helping organizations achieve their goals and bottom line and understands the vital importance of companies hiring the right professionals with the right skillset for each key position. His extensive recruiting experience in the USA, Mexico and Latin America and with over 650 strategic and highly specialized placements, makes him an authority in his industry and has allowed him to deeply understand the work culture and needs of the different industries and markets.

Ricardo is fluent in English and Spanish, and is a Certified Personnel Consultant by the National Association of Personnel Services.