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Headhunters: Learn about the Selection Process they apply

The job of headhunters is much more than just doing interviews.

The simple fact that looking for a job is a job in itself means that headhunters are making their way into a space that has not been traveled before. Recruiters in Mexico focus on finding the professional who can contribute the most to the vacancy. One who can grow within the enterprise while empowering the company thanks to their skills.

To achieve this, it is necessary to comply with a series of steps that guarantee the success of the headhunter in the search for new professionals for companies. Recruiters in Mexico specialize in applying a selection process that focuses on the details. Today we explain how it works!

The Selection Process

The interview and selection phase can last from two or four weeks to more than three months. The more specific the profile of the vacancy, the longer it will take for the headhunter to find the person they can hire. There are selection processes that can last up to 6 months. Similarly, everything can vary and adapt depending on the demands of the job, the company, and the experience of the headhunter.

Headhunters tend to get very involved in the process, even developing a headhunter-candidate bond when the interviews are constant and last a long time. A relationship of trust with the candidate allows you to maintain sincere contact throughout the selection process. The headhunter becomes an advisor who wants everything to go well. In this way, the decision to be part of the company represents a benefit, both for the candidate’s career and the company.

Know the Company and the Objective

Headhunters usually receive clear instructions on what to look for to fill a vacancy in a company. Executive positions are the ones that have the most demands since they are very important within the company. From the first second, they receive the request to find a specific professional, the first thing Executive Recruitment in Mexico should do is find out about the company that needs the service.

Identifying the company’s needs is a key step in finding a professional who fits the company’s philosophy. Headhunters must understand the values, the project, the objective of the department, and also the plan of the company to find the ideal person who will fill the vacancy. The more information you have, the better. The only way to refine the search through profiles is by knowing in depth the needs and future projections of the organization.

By having this clear information, Executive Recruitment in Mexico can focus more quickly on evaluating certain competencies and values ​​of the candidates.

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Start of the Search

The second step for headhunters to fulfill their job is to open the search process. During this phase, the mission and plans of the company are already known, so the profile of the professional is quite defined. The search is based on finding the most suitable talent for the position and for the company to grow. Executive Recruitment in Mexico focuses on the professional being able to grow both professionally and personally.

For this reason, the values ​​of the employee and those of the company are highly relevant since they must be compatible. The candidate’s profile must meet the skills and requirements of employment and the labor market.

Where Headhunters look for new Candidates?

The space where to look for possible candidates will depend on the profile of each vacancy. Executive jobs can vary in difficulty and hierarchy. Because of this, it is likely that for some jobs you will find candidates who answer ads or sign up with employment agencies.

It is at the time of filling executive and middle manager positions that headhunters must broaden their search area. Executive Recruitment in Mexico can go to professional networks, forums, and even specialized blogs in which they can find high-performance profiles that work to fill the vacancy. Likewise, it is also valid to continue looking at active recruitment sources such as advertisements, employment agencies, social networks, and even among acquaintances in the area.

Direct or proactive search is the most applied for the most important positions. Executive Headhunters in Mexico usually treat the search for professionals for senior positions confidentially. Executive profiles are found through recommendations and, most of the time, they are already working in a company, so an attractive proposal must be made.

As an extra support, Executive Headhunters in Mexico uses special software that is combined with artificial intelligence to find new candidates. This minimizes efforts but enhances the effective search without investing so much time.

Create a Long-List // Short List

After a long search process, you have to make a list that includes all the profiles that have been found. Here you should prioritize candidates who show the greatest interest and who have the greatest number of skills for the job. Then, the headhunter must actively contact them to learn more about them and thus create a “shortlist” where the best prospects for the job are. The Executive Headhunters in Mexico focus on the motivation of each candidate and also on the opportunity for professional advancement that this job represents for them.

Decisive Interviews

Executive Headhunters in Mexico must help the company organize the final interviews to get to know in-depth the candidates who have made it to the short-list. The number of interviews may change depending on the company and the process they wish to apply. Here the experience of the headhunter plays a very important role in the analysis of the candidate’s profile.

Professional references and previous experience are usually investigated during interviews and even tests of work can be done at the interview. The attitude, motivation, and reaction of the candidates can play in your favor since the headhunter evaluates both the non-tangible skills and the attitude of each person.

Keep in touch

Even when the person already has the job offer, the Executive Headhunters in Mexico will accompany the candidate during the contract negotiation, the definition of working conditions, and all other stages. This is how a relationship of mutual trust is created which allows both the company and the new professional to benefit.